Gordon Porth, Pianist with Crystal Cruises 'Symphony'

"Leona is a teacher with a unique combination of passion and compassion; a passion for teaching music with a beautifully disciplined approach, while nurturing her students with a tender compassion.

If it had not been for Leona, I may have never begun piano lessons. Leona suggested to my parents that piano lessons might be a good thing for me and asked if she could be my teacher. I remember her being exquisitely organized and delighted with my progress. 

Leona has an innate ability to recognize potential and draw out natural abilities in students. Learning to love playing the piano began with Leona and has led to a life-long career as a professional musician.

I now play the “Crystal Piano” on Crystal Cruises Symphony, traveling the world, meeting fascinating people and adding a little music to their journey. My heart is full of gratitude for the strong musical foundation I was given by Leona as my first piano teacher."

Victoria Duffield, Canadian Pop Singer and Songwriter. Latest album, "Day Won"

"Mrs. Porth was my piano teacher for about 6 years when I was young and then again when I became a professional performer. Her kind, warm presence is so encouraging in this type of learning environment. When I was younger, I would always look forward to, not only my lessons but, the concerts, recitals and holiday parties that she would meticulously plan to give all of her students the chance to perform. I also appreciated her allowing me to find the style of music that I enjoyed playing the most by integrating many different lesson books which kept practising interesting and fun. I cannot recommend Mrs. Porth enough as a piano teacher! There simply cannot be anyone better!" 

Tanya Feng, Medical School at UBC

"It's hard to put into words how much of a positive impact my lessons with Mrs. Porth have had on my life. Her kindness, patience, dedication to her students, and years and years of experience combined to create the highest quality of piano instruction that one can find. A decade after my lesson with Mrs. Porth, I am still truly grateful that she helped spark my lifelong passion for music."

From a former student

"When my family first moved to Abby, Leona was our first piano teacher. She taught us until our senior levels. My memories of piano lessons with her make me reminisce about how loved she made us feel. She knows how to motivate and discipline her students through love. She works hard to continually become a better teacher herself. Leona goes above and beyond.There are so many memories of very fun themed recitals like having chocolate chip mint ice cream at a St. Patrick’s Day recital. I am so thankful to have had a diligent, kind, role model in my life. She knew how and when to push me so I could be the best I could be."

From a current parent

"Our daughter had never played a musical instrument before and the progress she has made with Leona has far exceeded our expectations. This past year Adia advanced from Level 2 through to Level 5 RCM Piano, and achieved two Gold Certificates at the Abbotsford Music Festival. Last year as well, our daughter placed first in each of her classes at the Festival. 

Leona shares her enthusiasm and love of playing with her students. Adia has enjoyed taking lessons with her from the very beginning, connecting with her warm, friendly and positive approach.  She is a patient teacher and her commitment to her students is evident.  Leona is very proud of each and every student which shines through at the annual holiday and year end recitals.  

I highly recommend Leona as a music teacher for any child who wishes to learn."

From a current parent

"Mrs. Porth is the most caring and generous piano teacher we could ask for.  In all 4 of our children she has taught, we have seen their motivation and confidence increase from year to year.  With her knowledge of her students and patient attention to detail, she is able to customize lessons to fit the learning style of each child.  They have become so comfortable and confident playing for an audience, preparing for exams, and participating in music festivals with excellence.  With special learners, she is gentle and encouraging, recognizing and praising each effort. 

We have been blessed to have her give extra assistance, lessons, book loans, and even help with transportation during busy family seasons, all on her own time. Mrs. Porth has also supported us as parents 100%, keeping up steady communication throughout the year and being entirely open to the direction we want our children’s musical education to take.  Her love for music and her students shines through her in a way you don’t often find, and we are so grateful to call her our teacher."